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Thurs 18th March, 8:30pm

Melbourne Digital Concert Hall

Tickets: Here

(Digital streaming or seats at the live performance are both possible)

Playing Irish music feels like storytelling, but with notes instead of words. Melodies carve out the shapes of hillsides and glens, streams and forests, and rhythms place figures into this melodic landscape to dance, sing, rejoice or mourn. With roots stretching back through the centuries, traditional Irish tunes were also part of Europe’s baroque period. Come and discover the beautiful compositions and arrangements of Ireland’s folk and baroque repertoire played on modern and period instruments by Evergreen Ensemble.

Celtic harp & Voice: Claire Patti 

Baroque Oboe & Fiddle: Jessica Foot

Concertina and Scottish small pipes: Sarah Wade

Baroque violin: Shane Lestideau

Baroque cello: Lucy Price




Monday 7 June

6pm, Primrose Potter Salon

Melbourne Recital Centre, VIC

featuring countertenor Austin Haynes

& keyboard soloist Donald Nicolson

Tickets: HERE $29/40

Giusto Tenducci was the equivalent of an 18th-century rock star. As a revered castrato, his reputation was second only to the famous Senesino, earning him a ‘seven-figure salary’ in London prior to traveling to Ireland and Scotland. Handsome, charismatic, and wildly talented, he inspired Scottish audiences with his virtuosity and wooed them with his tasteful performances of their own Scottish airs. This concert of rarely-performed Baroque songs, sonatas and suites explores the music of several Italians, including Tenducci himself, who composed in Edinburgh during the 18th century, in addition to Scottish arrangements of J.S. Bach and Beethoven. Performed by Evergreen Ensemble, it features the glorious voice of countertenor Max Riebl and the renowned talents of early keyboard specialist Donald Nicolson.

Countertenor: Austin Haynes

Harpsichord & Fortepiano: Donald Nicolson

Baroque violin: Shane Lestideau 

Baroque violin & viola: Katie Yap

Baroque cello: Lucy Price