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What is 'Scottishness' in Australian music

Evergreen Ensemble AD Shane Lestideau has published a book chapter exploring notions of Scottishness in the Scottish-Australian music collections of Alexander Laing (Tasmania), James Findlay (Upper Murray, Victoria), and Robert Ballantyne Baillie (Rockhampton, Sydney). The book, MEMORIES OF MUSICAL LIVES: MUSIC AND DANCE IN PERSONAL MUSIC COLLECTIONS FROM AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND, is available through the Lyrebird Press.

Edited by Rosemary Richards and Julja Szuster, with contributions from Julja Szuster, Rosemary Richards, Shane Lestideau, Kirstine Moffat, Clare Gleeson, Heather Blasdale Clarke, Elizabeth Nichol, Matthew Stephens, Aline Scott-Maxwell and John Whiteoak.

Music-lovers from Australia and New Zealand have collected and bound sheet music and handwritten music since the earliest years of settlement. In these nine essays, the authors discuss music and dance collections found in libraries, historic houses, archives and homes, explaining what these cherished artefacts reveal about the owners, their emotional life and their musical practice. Beautifully illustrated, and with suggestions for how these collections might be further explored or disseminated, this is a landmark book in the history of music in private life.

Rosemary Richards is an Australian musicologist, teacher, performer and collector. Her research has explored the biographical, historical and musical significance of manuscript music collections belonging to Georgiana McCrae (1804–90) and her contemporaries.

Julja Szuster is a musicologist and Visiting Research Fellow at the Elder Conservatorium, University of Adelaide. Her research interests include music in colonial Australia and seventeenth-century Italian Baroque music.

Published in December 2022 in paperback and ebook.

See this book in the online shop here.


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